Roof Replacement Is Too Important To Risk
Making A Bad Decision.

Hire A Proven, Award-Winning Company That
Stands Behind Everything It Does.


If there is one home improvement project you need to get right the first time, it’s roof replacement. Because, let’s face it: replacing your roof is an investment and getting it wrong is a costly mistake.

But here’s the good news: you can get rock-solid roofing materials installed by professionals at an affordable price. And the way to do it is to find a roofing contractor you can trust.

Look for a company that has a reputation built on facts. That has proper insurance and licensing. Find out what materials they use, what the warranty is, and the level of experience of the installers.

And finally, find a contractor that will not use quality as an excuse to charge outrageous prices.

Our High Standards

Reputation – We are the award-winning local company. 5 straight Angie’s List SuperService Awards. Multiple Trib Total Media Awards. Fully licensed and insured. It is ‘peace-of-mind’ for the homeowner that you are dealing with a trusted local company. To learn more about this, you can visit our Reputation page.

Materials – We install PROVEN products. Anything else is too risky for us and our customers.

That’s why we install Atlas shingles and roofing products. Atlas has been around since 1982, they are an industry leader, and have 19 plants in North America. In other words, they are NOT one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” manufacturers with untested products.

One thing of particular note from Atlas is their shingles. Atlas roofing shingles are available with Scotchguard Protector. This is important because it protects your shingles from black streaks caused by algae.

Algae problems are the most common reason for roof stains. These ugly spots significantly detract from the overall look of your home. Atlas roofing shingles are manufactured using the best algae-resistant technology available. This is just one example of the superior technology and quality of Atlas roofing products.

Warranty – Great materials are backed by great warranties. Atlas products come with a Lifetime Warranty, all in writing so you’ll know the exact details of this outstanding coverage.

Quality Of Installation – Know that when you hire us, you are hiring a professional installation team. There won’t be any day laborers from a temporary pool or anyone who has does not have background or training in roofing.

We also have great crew supervisors – they closely inspect every aspect of the roof installation to make sure it adheres to our high standards. If anything is not done correctly, they have full authority to stop the job and get it corrected immediately.

Pricing – One thing you can always count on from us: we won’t charge high prices and pad our profits.

Yes, replacing a roof is an investment, but we keep our prices as low as possible while still maintaining quality. (And don’t forget, we have payment plan options for all our projects including roof replacement).

Commercial Flat Roofs

We also install an outstanding seamless roofing system from Hydrostop, an outstanding choice for flat roofs. This waterproof system means you can stop worrying about leaks or damage to the building because of an aging roof. If you own or maintain a commercial building with a flat roof, contact us for a free consultation and we can walk you through the details.

Hydrostop comes with different levels of warranty protection depending on what you want. The warranty is renewable if you have certain maintenance performed over time. We can explain your options during your consultation and you can choose the protection you are most comfortable with.

Call For A Free Roof Consultation

If you want to know more, there is no better way than a free roof consultant. This will include a free quote and answers to all of your questions.