If You Have A Concern, We Want To Know.

And We Promise A Prompt Response
From The Top Of Our Company.

No one can say that no problems ever come up – every business is staffed by people, and people make mistakes. When an issue happens, what matters is what happens next.

Do you know who you can call?


Will they respond appropriately?

With Windows Rus, you’ll know who you can call, and we promise a prompt response. If something needs fixed, we’ll spring into action. That’s accountability, and that’s how we work here.

It starts with our owner John McClure. John has always insisted on being 100% accessible to his customers. Even as Windows Rus has grown, John continues to encourage customers to call him directly with feedback – good or bad.

This ‘accountability’ attitude is standard operating procedure here. Our entire management team answers their phones, and if they are tied up, they quickly return messages. You’ll never be at a loss of who to call or left frustrated that nobody responds.

If you need to let us know about anything, call us at 724-785-7600