Welcome To The ZERO Stress &
ZERO Pressure Expert Consultation

window installer

We know some people dread calling home improvement companies to get a quote. Even though they are interested in learning more about upgrading their home, they would rather not get hammered by a salesperson.

We think that any company that turns what should be a free consultation into a marathon, pressure-filled sales presentation is not being respectful of the homeowner.

That’s why we reject sales pressure. When you call us for a consultation & quote, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy we make it.

How We’re Different

We Don’t Play Pricing Games. You know how some companies present confusing discount offers? Or bundle up features you don’t want but you end up having to pay for anyway?

Our pricing is the opposite. We start with a straightforward base price and then you add the upgrades you want. This clear and simple menu pricing structure means you pay only for what you want.

Our Quotes Are Good For A Full Year. We don’t want you to feel like you have to ‘buy now’. In fact, we want you to feel like you have as much time as you need. That is why our quotes are in writing, and our pricing is guaranteed to be iron-clad for a full year. Take as long as you need to decide.

We Don’t Dominate – We Educate. Have you ever had someone trying to sell you something and all they did was talk and never listen? We believe in doing an honest needs assessment and giving you our best recommendation. To do that, we need to listen to you and your goals.

We are there to educate you on your options, not dominate what should be an open dialogue. And after we give you our recommendation and quote, ask us as many questions as you want. It is always YOUR decision, made on your timetable.

Does this stress-free consultation and quote process sound like something you would enjoy? Then give us a call to get started.