Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Your Windows?

Our windows start at $188 installed. Most of our customers choose add-ons that will increase this base price, but even with these additional features you’ll still save 30% to 70% off of typical prices.

Many companies use “bundled features” that end up forcing homeowners to pay for things they don’t want. We reject this in favor of menu pricing. Start with our incredibly low base price and add only what you want.

You can be confident you are getting the best price because of Our Price Match Guarantee. It clearly states that if you find a company with a better price for the same window and options, we won’t just match the price; we’ll double the difference.

Do You Have Low Prices Because The Windows Are Lesser Quality?

No, absolutely not. It’s a myth that you have to pay high prices to get top-quality windows. Our window manufacturer Polaris Windows has been around for 70+ years and is proven and well-respected in this industry.

We keep our prices low through volume selling and expense control. We also save on the cost of getting new customers because we get so many referrals. And our ‘do-it-right-the-first-time’ installation policy saves on costs because we don’t have to go back to correct mistakes.

Who Installs My Windows?

A fully-trained and experienced installation team. We don’t use temporary labor pools or untrained workers – no one gets near your home unless they are completely qualified.

Will My Replacement Windows Be Energy Efficient?

Yes. Over the last decade, new technology and materials have made terrific advances in the energy efficiency of home improvement products. If you are replacing older windows, you’re going to get significant improvement.

Also, we offer special glass packages and add-ons that let you increase efficiency. We educate you on your options and then you decide exactly what level of efficiency you want.

Do Your Windows Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. But the truth is a lot of window companies say “lifetime warranty.” It is the details that matter.

For example, many times so-called “lifetime” coverage is heavily pro-rated. By the end of the lifetime coverage, you are lucky to be getting 10% of the replacement value.

We’re different. When we say lifetime, we mean full coverage for a lifetime. This warranty even covers glass breakage. We put it all in writing and you can see the details on our Warranty page.

Do I Have To Pay For This All At Once?

Nope. We are happy to offer financing plans that fit your monthly budget. We make applying stress-free. For more details, please visit our Financing page.

My Windows Don’t Operate Very Well And They Are Hard To Clean. Will My New Replacement Windows Be Any Easier?

Yes. For many of our customers, their favorite thing about new windows is they no longer have to live with hard-to-clean or “stuck” windows. You’ll have smoothly operating windows that tilt-in for easy cleaning!

Once I Make The Decision To Hire Windows Rus, How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Get My New Windows Installed?

This varies, but what we can tell you is that we are faster than most. Our strong relationship with Polaris Windows ensures that we get excellent service. Many window companies will tell you to wait 8 to 12 weeks – and sometimes that turns into more. We typically have your windows on hand and ready to install in less than 4 weeks.